Available courses

Omeka Classic is a web publishing platform with many uses. Archivists, librarians, and other curators may find it useful for presenting their collections online. Educators may guide students in creating their own exhibits on course subjects. And other enthusiastic individuals may simply want to showcase their unique knowledge! This series of eight workshops will help you learn how to accomplish any of these feats using Omeka Classic. You will learn how to build up and manage a collection of Items, how to build a public site around those Items, and how you can use Plugins to further extend the functionality of your site. With these skills, there is no end to the types of projects you could build. That's why it's Classic! This Intensive runs weekly on Tuesdays from June 11th to July 30th: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Omeka S provides an organization-level version of our web-publishing software. A single point of administration allows you to build multiple sites from a single pool of Items. Description of these Items is customizable and complex, allowing you to create a data model that fits your particular project(s). Resources within Omeka S will also automatically conform to the principles of Linked Open Data, making your data interoperable with other data publishers (if you so wish). This Intensive is split into eight distinct 1.5 hour workshops. You will learn how to create and flexibly describe a pool of Resources; how to build multiple sites using your Resources; and how to extend the functionality of your installation with Modules. If you want to know what the "S" in Omeka S stands for, take this course! This Intensive runs weekly on Wednesdays from June 12th to July 31st: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.